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LegoLED® KIT TRIAX comes in various configurations and is the historical standard product for lift cabin lighting with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 or 12 spotlights.

Each kit includes:

–  LED spotlights with wide or extra-wide optics and already mounted steel bezel.

–  Bezel available in 3 colours: Black, White and Chrome

–  Power adapters with 110-230VAC input voltage and bi-adhesive for ceiling fixing.

–  Wiring to connect all the spotlights.

–  2.5 m cable for mains supply connection.

–  Preformed support tray.

Also available also in Emergency Light version with integrated back-up battery.



It represent the evolution of our most sold product in years of cooperation at side of leading players in Elevator

Market. Triax COB is equipped with Newest LED Technology with the aim to ensure high performances, high

reliability, low consumption, aesthetic and easy mounting, all characteristics which since ever represent the plus of

our Triax Spot. Triax COB include frontal Vandal-proof Aesthetic ring, available in three Color: White, Black, Mirror

effect, and could be provided as “Complete KIT” including the Power Supply, Wiring and Battery Pack for

Emergency applications.


• Power  consumption (W)                   3.6 W

•  Luminous flux 1 mt (lx)                   890 lx  Medium      556 lx  Wide            113 lx  Super Wide

• Luminous flux (lm)                             248 lm                       249 lm                                252 lm

• Color temperature (K)                        3650 ± 150°K          3650 ± 150°K                    3650 ± 150°K

• Color Render index                             80

• Luminous efficiency (lm/W)            69


Data Sheet TRIAX

Triax COB
• Power consumption 4,2W
• Luminous flux NW  350 lm ± 10%
• Color temperature NW 4000 °K
• Color Render index ≥ 75
• Luminous efficiency 90 Lm/W ± 10%

Data Sheet TRIAX COB