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DOWNLIGHT 20 and 30W:

These are LED ceiling lights to replace traditional ceiling lights with compact fluorescent bulbs. They emit light with extreme uniformity, thanks to the use of COB LED technology, are the only LEDs available with white or grey bezels, and can be powered directly by 100-220VAC, thanks to the supplied power adapter.

It is also possible to equip them with the Emergency Kit, guaranteeing three hours of battery power.

LegoLED® Down Light 20W replaces the recessed spotlights with 2x26W fluorescent bulbs or 150W halogen lamps.

LegoLED® Down Light 30W replaces recessed spotlights with 2x32W fluorescent bulbs, 300W halogen lamps or 70W metal halide lamps.


This is a LED ceiling light to replace a traditional ceiling light with a compact 26W fluorescent bulb. It emits light with extreme uniformity over its entire surface, with a high emission angle.

Mini Downlight 11W has an integrated power supply, and can therefore be powered directly at 220VAC. Dimmable.


• Power consumption(W)           30 W

• Luminous flux 1 mt (lx)            CW 3038 lx             WW 2127 lx

• Luminous flux (lm)                   CW 2983 lm            WW 2088 lm

• Color temperature (K)             CW 5350 ± 300°K  WW 3150 ± 100°K

• Color Render index                  70                               80

• Luminous efficiency (lm/W)  99.4                           69.6


Data Sheet Downlight 30W

Power consumption (W) 20 W
Luminous flux 1 mt (lx) CW 2225 lx WW 1560 lx
Luminous flux (lm) CW 2057 lm WW 1450 lm
Color temperature (K) CW 5350 ± 300°K WW 3150 ± 100°K
Color Render index 70 80
 Luminous efficiency (lm/W) 102.8 72.5


Data Sheet Downlight 20W

Power consumption (W) 11 W
Luminous flux (lm) 850 lm
Color temperature (K) WW 3000°K NW 4000°K CW 6500°K
Color Render index 85
Luminous efficiency (lm/W) 77.3
Power Factor >0.9


Data Sheet Downlight 11W