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LegoLED® was founded in 2001 as a division of CrossPoint Srl to respond to the growing market demand for innovative LED technology products.

The LegoLED® range of products is distinguished by the versatility of applications and its high technological content.

All LegoLED® products are RoHS Compliant and meet the demand for energy efficiency and cost reduction.

A new way of LIVING LIGHT: two words that focus the being of LegoLED® products with the spirit that animates us to find solutions to the needs of those who wanting light for work or pleasure.

Our Mission can also be summarized in two words: Energy Saving. This is the goal we achieve on a daily basis through the application of our LED technologies to the field of traditional lighting, where the continuous need for energy savings is most urgent.

This is precisely the business of LegoLED®, producing light bulbs and similar systems to meet this purpose with dedicated products for sectors ranging from large-scale retail, company facilities, lifts, swimming pools, hotels, shops, wellness centres, entertainment facilities, private use, and so on. The mass use of LED technology will mark the beginning of a new era for our planet. Experience it with LegoLED®

LegoLED® develops and manufactures standard and custom products for market, supporting the needs of customers through highly skilled R&D, design, production and certification personnel that ensure the highest quality standards.